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Friday, May 13, 2005


Violence in eastern Uzbekistan

The recent protests at the trial of accused Islamic extremists have turned violent. Armed men have broken into the prison and freed everyone inside. The BBC is reporting that several thousand people have gathered in Andijan's main square, and shots have been fired into the crowd. The CBC adds that the protesters have burned down several buildings. President Islam Karimov is reportedly on his way to the town.

CNN is reporting that there has also been an attempted suicide bombing at the Israeli embassy in Tashkent, although it's not clear whether there is any connection. Indeed, no one seems to have solid information about what is going on or who is responsible.

Part of the Volodymyr Campaign's mission is to support pro-democracy and human-rights activists in the former Soviet Union through political action in our own countries. However, it's not at all clear that the situation in Andijan has anything to do with democracy. Furthermore, we have always made clear that we will not support any group that uses or advocates violence.

Registan.net is a blog based in Uzbekistan. The authors have promised to post information as they learn it. Dee Warren is a blogger living in Andijan, though she may not be able to post regularly.

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