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Friday, May 20, 2005


Poll: Moldovans, Georgians want to join EU

From EUobserver:

The majority of citizens in Georgia and Moldova believe their countries should join the EU, a new report released on Thursday (19 May) by Gallup and the International Republican Institute (IRI) shows.

The survey says 77 per cent of Moldovans and 80 per cent of Georgians think their countries' future lies in the 25-nation bloc.

Less than 50 per cent in both countries (33 per cent in Georgia and 40 per cent in Moldova) think they should remain members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

"People in these countries have always had a European identity, they feel themselves Europeans", the coordinator of the study, Dr Rasa Alisauskiene, told the EUobserver.

However, most of them believe it is possible to keep good relations both with Russia and the EU, and see Russia as a key partner, she specified.

The study was carried out in Georgia, Moldova and Kazakhstan via face-to-face interviews between June and November 2004.

However, the third country, Kazakhstan, points to neighbouring Russia and China as its main partners.

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