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Thursday, May 19, 2005


Korasuv retaken

From BBC News:

Uzbek troops are reported to have retaken the border town of Korasuv, where locals threw out their leaders last week in a popular protest.
A number of explosions and some gunfire was heard, but the takeover seems to have been largely peaceful with no reports of loss of life.

The uprising's leader, Bakhtiyor Rakhimov, who said he intended to build an Islamic state, has been arrested.

It's still not clear how seriously Rakhimov's claims should be taken:

Mr Rakhimov told the BBC's Ian MacWilliam on Wednesday that the people in the region had put up with President Islam Karimov for 16 years, and could no longer tolerate him.

Residents said the main cause of resentment was the lack of work combined with the regime's tough curbs on private trade.

He said that the townspeople wanted to establish an Islamic administration in the area, but he did not elaborate on the aspiration, or whether the town had any connections to the wider Islamic separatist movement thought to operate in the area.

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