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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Turkmenistan drops fee for foreign marriages

From turks.us:

A new law has been issued by Turkmenistan's autocratic President Saparmurat Niyazov that omits the payment by foreigners wishing to marry Turkmens of $50,00 (38,000 Euro). The move is seen as a move designed to protect Turkmen women from unscrupulous foreigners, an official at one of Ashgabat's largest registry offices said.

The original payment was included in the old law so that the money could be used to support the children of the married couple, should the foreigner decide to leave. The new law requires that foreigners wishing to marry a Turkmen should have lived in the country for at least one year.

"The law has been corrected... foreign citizens wanting to marry a Turkmen citizen will no longer have to pay this sum," an official told the press.

The official added that there hadn't actually been any such marriages because of the fee, saying that foreigners preferred to marry Turkmen in neighboring countries.

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