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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Tajik election candidate jailed

Mahmadruzi Iskandarov, the exiled opposition leader who earlier this month announced his decision to run in the Tajik presidential election, has been arrested and brought back to Tajikistan. Radio Free Europe reports:

The mystery of Mahmudruzi Iskandarov’s whereabouts began early this month when he was freed from jail in Moscow.

He had been in prison since December, when he was arrested on charges of committing terrorist acts and illegal possession of weapons. Those charges were filed by the Tajik prosecutor’s office and Russian authorities acted on the Tajik government’s warrant in detaining him.

But next, to some observers’ surprise, the Russian authorities refused to extradite Iskandarov to Tajikistan. Instead, they freed him on 3 April.

And then, a little over a week later, Iskandarov disappeared.

Just how Iskandarov came to be in Tajikistan late last week remains unclear. Bobokhonov said only that Iskandarov was officially placed under arrest on 22 April.

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