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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Kasparov on Putin

BBC News carries an interview with Russian chess champion Garry Kasparov:

To Kasparov, Russian President Vladimir Putin is a "fascist", dismantling Russian democracy with the support of a supine West, which is interested only in stability in the East.

"The democracies are conceding to a brutal dictator. He has abolished the nature of democratic institutions. He will go further."

The West must stop its overt and tacit support for Mr Putin, Kasparov said.

"What is required from the West is a simple message: 'Leave us alone.'

Kasparov helped set up Committee 2008, a group dedicated to bringing down Mr Putin and stopping the constitution being changed so that he can run for a third term, in January last year.

He takes heart from what has happened in Ukraine, and believes Mr Putin will have to leave office, perhaps even before his second term comes to and end in 2008.

"There could be popular unrest. The stability [of Russia] exists only in the mind of Bush and Blair.

"It lives through high oil prices and censorship."

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