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Thursday, December 02, 2004


New EU resolution

Situation in Ukraine -- elections

In adopting a joint resolution on the situation in Ukraine, MEPs express their solidarity with the Ukrainian people, whose right freely to elect its president must be recognised and implemented, and not repressed. Parliament strongly condemns the conditions under which the second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine have taken place, as regards both the final stage of the election campaign and the irregularities and apparent fraud during the counting of votes. The House rejects the decision by the Central Electoral Committee under the chairmanship of Serhiy Kivalov to declare Mr Yanukovich as the winner of the presidential elections without having fully considered the validity of the elections and the electoral process and therefore with apparent disregard for the wishes of the people of Ukraine.

MEPs call on the Ukrainian authorities to cancel the second round of the presidential elections and reorganise this second round before the end of this year with the participation of international observers, whilst guaranteeing an open and transparent electoral process in accordance with international democratic standards during both the election campaign and the actual voting and counting of votes, and thoroughly improving the election campaign conditions.

The House calls on all protestors to allow a normal functioning of the Ukraine state organs and to refrain from barricading the main buildings of these organs of the state. MEPs consider threats of separatism and the partition of Ukraine as unacceptable and expresses its commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Parliament rejects allegations, especially by the Russian President, that, by expressing their support for the Ukrainian people's right to exercise their democratic rights, the European Union and the international community were encouraging violence; stresses at the same time that Russia carries a great responsibility for the situation in Ukraine. Parliament believes that relations with Ukraine depend on a democratic solution, and pledges its continuing support, assistance and commitment to the Ukrainian people's establishment of a free and open democratic system, their creation of a prosperous market economy.

Finally, MEPs call on the Commission, the Council and the Members States, in the anticipation of a satisfactory outcome of the present situation, to speed up the adoption of the Action Plan for Ukraine, to engage in the rapid implementation of this plan and to include new measures aimed at strengthening the role of civil society.

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