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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Wear orange!

From Ukrayinska Pravda:

We have not yet found out the author of Yushchenko's main and most brilliant political technology --- the orange colour of his election campaign. Igor Gryniv, one of Yushchenko's main PR-specialists, says it to be the colour of the political party "Reforms and Order", and it originally symbolized honey and bees, which are known as the PRO symbols. That may be so but there are other versions concerning the authorship.

For the first time the orange colour appeared in Yushchenko's campaign 2002 but its real boom was in autumn 2004, when even trees campaign for Yushchenko. The orange colour has already become a matter of a common psychosis. Taxis and Mercedeses, drivers of both of which like "Chanson"-radio, are decorated with orange ribbons. One can see orange people in restaurants and in the Tube, in institutes and schools, though children have no voting rights yet. Everything is orange.

Upon announcement on the site of the leader of "Our Ukraine" that orange trappings were to be given away freely from his press club, the Sagaydachny street was blocked by the crowd of the interested. For now ribbons and window banners are over, though it is promised that they are to be on Monday. Another jam-up on the Sagaydachny street is to be expected...

If there's a revolution to happen, it is not going to be chestnut but orange.

Why not wear an orange scarf or ribbon to show your support for the Ukrainian people?

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